I just realized it is a lot of work to be a couch potato.

Saturday, today was pretty relaxed. My workout can be summarized into probably 10% of cardio—Only be because I need to go downstairs for a drink. 

No max 30 today, shin hurted- following our three hour walk at the mall yesterday with my sister. Though I really fucked over my diet, really stuffed my face junk and the crazy sugar processed cookies and white rice well until today. The realization dawns just now a quarter before 8pm.

But i didnt let today pass without punishing my triceps and lower abs.

So I went heavy on the triceps with 30lbs 20 reps both arms x 5 while watching say yes to the dress, thanks to youtube, I got to punish the lower abs with cassey ho and xhiit abs muffin top melter, its all good.


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