Nursing a nasty injury.

Day two of no workouts.
The night of july 1st I was the idiot who fell hitting the cement outside my home, donning my 5 inch pumps.
Both knees had severe bruises. Ankles til now hurt.
And most of all, a very injured ego.
I was actually thankful nobody I knew saw me.
What an oaf.

The next day I did les mills pump substituting the squats and all leg workouts for heavy deadlifts.
Still hurting that thursday. Each damn thing I’m used to doing meant doing the effort times ten.
Absolutely no squats.
no kneeling.
Going down the stairs challenged my mobility and made me devise ways to stretch my legs.
Carry my 15kg baby dog was heartbreaking.
Driving and semi folding my knees was terrible.
Sitting in the newsroom in cold air conditioning was painful.
Working out on the floor meant relying on my upper body to make me stand up and vice versa.
These seemingly trivial  things were a huge challenge, things that I just take for granted.

But as always, I had this way to make use of my rest days from my cardio and extreme exercise in general.
I was able to meet up with a beautiful friend whom I miss terribly and its such a shame I was too busy and pre occupied with work and workout to meet up.

Making time for myself today at the salon.
That was 4 hours, i deserve a mani pedi and hair.
Tomorrow i shall get back to business again. I need to push this 90 day insanity max madness.


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