Bring it on lunes!  Transformation day 12 of 90

  And so my pursuit to wellness and weightloss has continued… motivated by my desire to look healthier on our weddingday. But to be more accountable, I chose to document eAch workout for fuckin ninety days. 
I have about more than 140 days  left. 
On my third week, Started off monday exercising later than the usual. I busted my knees after a week of insanity max 30. I own over 3o goddamn videos. Definitely NO excuses.
however i did some online exercises tonight.
I follow very few, like jessica smith and also the funny cassey ho on YouTube. Her workouts are fun, shes hella hilarious, her video is freakin HD, audio is crystal clear, she walks the talk and she annouce how human she in and her attack on her videos are kinda like real i like her.
And tonight I tried her.1000 abs. She never misses a chance to stress the correct form.
Like she’s almost beside you, and her product placemens are not as obvious as of course the one people buy. Like 21 day fix where the crazy shakeology is seen all the time.
Sorry for the digress
still. m


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