Reason #2 why I don’t fancy this dvd (but got it anyway )

21 day fix dvds need fixing.

Ok this is my brutally honest review on the dvd program.
Bulleted for easy reading.

1.Autumn doesn’t offer much advice on proper form.

2. Her cast specially the one on the rightmost side of barre legs— too noisy. Girl this is not your show. Whos idea is it to put a wireless mic on her anyway?

3. Her annoying repetitive style of checking her castmates. Really? How about just encouraging those who bought her stuff to avoid injury?


Thank god im done. This can serve as a warmup

4. Beachbody products all over the place. Ugh. Talk about hardsell.
5. Other than that, its better than not working out at all.


To be fair, i havent done the pilates, the plyo and the cardio sets of these exercises. I hate using th3 word “fix”—Fuckin sends the wrong message to people specially if youre a beginner exerciser that youre broken and you need fixing.

This video was the “dirty30”
Im no expert on exercise but I can attest to gauging a great motivational expert. Haha.

All in all, its better than not working out at all. So i guess buy at your own risk.

This I guess I enjoyed.

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