after a week of no cardio, I hit the toughest in this series

combat xtreme cardio fighter

And according to rach (in yellow), this is the toughest because it’s the longest of all the dvd series. Almost sixty minutes.

I am expecting to be sore tomorrow, since it’s been more than a week since I last did cardio.

As I progress through the dvd series, there are several things I noticed that I appreciated:
1. All of em are adept instructors, weaving in through workouts with proper form and reminders. Not just merely going through the moves unlike in the Jillian Michaels dvds.

So in essence, the head mics were truly are there for a reason, unlike silly p90x where only Tony Horton does the talking and sometimes can get annoying.

2. Unlike in the dancy turbofire by chalean johnson which I have a love and hate relationship a while back, their technique of teaching is pretty good. For example, one dude sliced down the importance of keeping the toe down while doing the roundhouse, same goes in back kicks, things like that I appreciate.

3. There is a HIIT part in this dvd. Nothing can make my heart go giddy than a nice ass burning heart-pumping high intensity interval portion!

4. Longer stretch time. About 4 minutes. But I’d say this should be longer.

Over all, except the weird singing parts of the instructors, I’d give them an 8 over 10 stars 🙂


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