pump has kept me sane on this insane workweek.

who needs the bar when you have the heavy dumbells?

who needs the bar when you have the heavy dumbells?

I haven’t done any cardio since the beginning of the week. I felt a nasty pain on my left knee following that insane run that I did last week while on vacation.
For a change, I figured that I need to make my body adjust to it, and man it didquite well as I do different weight and stregth training this week.

Sunday was just simple heavy biceps

Monday I did pump and shred, which is a nice routine.

Tuesday I focused on my Triceps, and yesterday I did that 55- minute workout you see above.

Today, I lack sleep and I’m still thinking if I should just choose to recover or do combat later in the afternoon.

All these exercises are a humongous help in keeping me sane from all the stuff I’m going through at work right now.
I have this tremendous stress levels come night time when I have to prepare scripts for the next day’s airing.

But thanks to exercises, the endorphins that exercise brings makes a difference really. Focusing on strength and not on weight loss anymore, I believe is also the key.
I wouldn’t stress anymore on how much I need to lose, but moreso focus on the benefits weight lifting does to my body.


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