manic monday but I’m looking forward a very nice three day workweek only

Who doesn’t look forward to long weekends to relax and rejuvenate?
And for me who worked more than nine hours starting SUnday last night all the way through this morning, I’m already excited that this week entails only three days of slavery.

Week one of no newswriting

A week following my rest from writing for news has its advantages and these means a lot. No stress on monitoring and obligating myself to monitor the unhealthy negative stories, longer sleeping hours, stress of juggling my segments in between shooting stories.
Despite lower pay now because my writing fees will be slashed off my payroll, It’s a relief to not deal with these anymore.

Health Issues
Upon my mother’s knowledge of my not writing anymore for news for the time being, she was ecstatic. Undeniably she is a large contribution to my waking hours of 1am to report for work. She made a point to always walk me to my car so I can be safe even if my neighborhood is not a thing to worry.
Without mywriting obligations at ungodly hours, my loving mother finally can also have her sleep back.

Emotionally difficult, physically demanding and health compromising.

I’ve been highly attached to writing for the news for the past two years that I honestly let my health go.
That, even if I work out almost everyday, makes me puzzled why I never lose weight, and even tend to gain even more.
Three months in my p90x, t25 and now im new to les mills pump and combat, I cant wait to seriously get fit into the second quarter of the year.
I’m committed to gain strength and be stronger.
I will not compromise sleep any longer, as it is the biggest bane in my health.
Here’s to my commitment to get my health and improve my strength in second quarter 2014!


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