Inviting the burn, and modifying Asylum strength


starting febuary right, i started with a weight  warmup set of the following:

And proceeded to do the asylum led by my favorite fitness loonie, shaun t:

Asylum Strength—
The thing with the dvd, they move way too fast. Majority of the moves they move quickly from one exercise to another. My target is to gain muscle that’s why I lift and control the weight.  I kept with my pace of lifting weights s-l-o-w-l-y during this to avoid injury.




Author: carmelamacchiato

I'm Cristina, this username was named after my husband's favorite coffee drink. In a span of less than a month in November 2015, I quit my decade old job as a news tv producer, got married to the love of my life, and flew to California, seven thousand miles from my hometown, the Philippines. Yep, thats how I roll… or how my life ricocheted.

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