Welcoming the Chinese New year with the traditional delicacies are a treat that I’ve grown up with.


Glutinous rice cakes called “tikoy” fried in oil smothered with egg is the tradition that store owners have already made million.
Sadly, alongside being victims of consumerism, it’s inevitable to be exposed to disgusting chemicals found in these Chinese goodies.

FD & C Red No. 40 and Yellow # 5 are coloring enchancers found in these foods.
Yellow #5 is commonly used in hopia, one of my favorite snacks. eep.

(from and

Red 40 may cause symptoms of hypersensitivity in some people, including swelling around the mouth, and it may also cause hives. The colorant might contain contaminants that may contribute to cancer in humans and could trigger hyperactivity in children. In a handful of studies, Red 40 damaged the DNA of mice, according to the CSPI.

This is the most-widely used and consumed dye. It may accelerate the appearance of immune system tumors in mice. It also causes hypersensitivity (allergy-like) reactions in some consumers and might trigger hyperactivity in children. What it’s in: Beverages, bakery goods, dessert powders, candies, cereals, foods, drugs, and cosmetics.


While the products I’ve grown to love is close to my heart and stomach, it’s because the food companies typically associate their products with good deeds and social work. Brilliant PR work as always.

It’s always wise to consider eating these in moderation



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