There is absolutely a lot to be thankful for.

Beginning December is not what I expected: at 12 midnight I found myself still at the office working and starving driving home.
There was a great debate in my head whether to get nasty mcdonalds or just ignore the hunger.
I went for the kill and ingested that processed meat and highly inflammatory cooking oil and the pretending to be potato called fries.
I washed it down with a small size high fructose corn syrup and head to bed and instantly woke up with a nasty headache.
But I am very grateful because despite the disgusting meal I greeted December with, I was able to do do HIIT!
All thanks to podrunner interval podcasts and a little push within me. I have to beat this out of whack and out of shape me and refuse to be slave to sugar.


Exercise today:

40 minutes combination of  HIIT and Intervals

15 minutes of Paula Nordine’s butt bible (upper body) 

Happy December and I hope you have a lot to be thankful for as well.


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