It’s tiring not to do anything

Following the dentist’s advice on eating only cold foods( i REFUSED TO EAT ICE CREAM!)  and not working out today and exhausting myself lest that I’d suffer infection cos of my the condition of my tooth prompted me to plan stuff to be done that doesn’t require any strenuous physical activity.

eating was tolerable. I can always go juicing and choose soft whole foods.

The latter was kinda tough. My daily activities call for heavy lifting, chores and exercise.

Today’s takeaway: Do not put out activities that can compromise your health and choose work.

Imagine what I had to go through, my last dentist appointment was 2011 when I started to work early for my another job in that morning show.

Monetary benefits still would never outweigh issues concerning  health.

So despite not doing anything, I decided to just go to a nail salon and have a “me time” haha. I need some pampering already


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