marketing and advertising is a platform

marketing has this inane way of associating their products with emotions, motherhood, happiness childhood and bonding with loved ones and poverty here in the third world.

this has turned so many companies very lucrative at the expense of the consumers who majority borders below the minimum wage earners.

in the long run, do you seriously think just because you were spreading happiness in a carcinogenic sugar water worth the sickness?

or how those greasy hydrogenated oil-filled food-like products sold in cheap prices can improve the quality of life?

or how cheap instant noodles would seriously provide the recommended nutrition for a growing child?

how about those milk for pregnant mothers that promise nutrition but when you read the label there’s soy in it?

and how those senseless supplements would seriously improve your health when a readily-available organic produce is gazillioon times better?

ultimately you, the reader and the consumer, the one lucky enough if youre in the third world just as I am that can read this, decide that you have the power.


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