do you know your magic number?

this is often neglected but when you’re not aware of how you spend your money, things eventually add up.
while in the interest of money management I sort of learned a few years back which prompted me to sign up for an insurance to two leading investment companies had taught me quite a few things, this seminar that I paid and signed up for truly made me grasp of what really were as the basic of investing.

the investment advocate speaker is one of my idols in the industry, and I found about his seminar not in my media contacts but simply by following their company’s facebook page.

these are just the key components of what I learned and shelled out my 2grand for:
one must know their need.
also, educate before investing.
be aware of the inflation rate.
start investing now.
finance is never free.
for smart investing, one must possess three key components:

it’s funny how people my age change interest overtime. It’s never too late to educate yourself. keep learning!


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