aha moment of the day: wheat= has sulfuric acid+ which leads to demineralizing your bones.

Halfway through wheat belly now.
and this book is just a lifechanging one for me.


It’s very tough to give up bread… that i gotta tell ya.
It’s been a staple way back when I wasn’t exposed to the whole paleo movement and self-experimented on subtly eliminate it from my diet. Actually, I refuse to associate myself too much on paleo, since I deem that it’s overly hardcore.

I eat crap inevitably, and inasmuch as I try to avoid it all throughout the week, I don’t think that it’s the end of the world if I occasionally ingest it.

But everything made sense. Wheat is contributory to so many disease. Knee pain, wider hips that can lead to obesity, adhd,
Brain fog, increased blood sugar levels, among many others.

Initially it was sad.
Especially when my life revolved around mung bean bread, whole wheat bread and the low fat crap I used to wrap my head around memorizing its inane mantra of how its healthy.

and how the typical pan de sal that I’m used to eating is left untouched.

while it’s highly debatable if the wheat here in my country is similar to where davis has originated, seeing the proof of being wheat free in me, I’m satisfied.


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