Lessons from maria rodale

So i was reading her top 50 lessons in life and I thought whoever is reading this can make sense of her simple but often neglected ideals.

need to work on the second one though.

Being in love is the best feeling in the universe. Be in love with everything.

.Grudges take too much energy to maintain. Forgive and forget.

Your body is your temple, your radio antenna, your car, your horse, your best friend. Take good care of it.

Laugh a lot, all the time.

Every single person has something to teach us and share with us. Look for it.

Invest on a good bed

And if i may add, the idea of being present in the moment.
Be it that terrific coffee time with your friend, a simple lunch with your parents, whenever your sister tells you about how her way went, and how the love of your life lovingly caress your face.
Always savor the time spent with loved ones.
Always be present in that moment.

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