So for my birthday i got a nice shiny phone

Im posting jus.for the sake of posting from my new phone.


Is my gig worth the literal pain?

Over the weekend i did a gig that needed me to walk for about 45 mins one way. The succeeding days were horrible specially yesterday amd today where i am now lying down in the guest bedroom where the matress is hard. I feel a little bad for my husband cos im unable to perform a lot of wifely stuff but i have to really take it easy. Tomorrow i shall do yoga and hopefully this pain will be done

new year, no debt

Unlike the majority of america starting this new month and new year, no january depression for me and my honey, no no no!


Because we did not insanely spend crazy last December. (Kinda sounded weird cos its only december yesterday)

After modifying our behavior specially the way i think, it has reinforced me to think weirdly about spending.

It blows my mind how my attitude shifted immensely after my hubby influenced me to watch dave ramsey. Marriage and money goes hand in hand and the more we communicate about our spending and financial fidelity the more i became more open and communicative to him. I am not even one of those spend crazy women but i know that all those impulse buys at ross, or target thinking “i deserve it” adds up.