The uber diaries

2 rides in one day oh wow.

11am. The first ride which amounted to about 5 dollars was jus a mile.away from work. It was a middle aged guy named Luis, and the vehicle was a Kia Sorento.

I’m so freakin delayed with this amazing innovation;  blame it on my husband’s incessant care and I wouldn’t blame him. After all, despite where we live, I guess one just have to constantly watch your back.

So Anyway, I greeted happily as I hopped on the front seat… ” it’s my first uber ride!” without knowing that there’s already a passenger at the back.

Luis responded with an “oh wow” and I surmise that he gave an awkward silence of “what am i supposed to say to you, you talky lady?”

I initiated  nonchalantly about how I could have just walk on the way there, but didn’t do so because it was too goddamn cold on this fall morning. But I wanted to find out how it would work because I need to get a ride later and I haven’t figured out this whole ride sharing convenience in the first world.

My first uber ride took about  2-3 minutes.

5:30pm My second ride was after getting off from work, me and my hubby were figuring out a way  to alleviate the hassle of parting ways– him on his way to school, while me, having to go to the gym . While I already have a DMV permit, I’m still not allowed to drive without anyone accompanying me.

So enter the $10.73 dollar  UBER ride for about 10 miles.This time it was a  white Toyota Corolla and it was a driver named Mohammad.

It was funny the scene before I rode the Toyota, my hubby commanded me to kiss him, I just found that adorable.

The ride was pleasant, the Afghan guy was amazing and courteous, and I’m always Ms Small talk, so I found out that he’s driving Uber for 5 years now, and like me, he is an immigrant in the U.S. now for ten years.

I am pleased, gave the guy a 5 star review for being a safe and courteous driver and now very excited about our routine until my hubby finishes his schooling this fall


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9 Months after….

Nope! I’m not pregnant!

This is the month that took for me to convince myself (actually, my hubby)  that it’s alright to visit a hair salon.

Because compared to my beloved Pilipinas, a salon trip there is a fraction of how astronomical it costs here in the U.S.
That is the reason it took me almost 9 months and have my hair colored!
I try to live below our means and my husband just laughs at my antics because in all seriousness, it’s not a huge deal to him,  but to me… a freakin 120 DOLLARS of Hair color + Haircut is HUGGGEEE Deal!

Case in point:
A full blown hair color, mani and pedicure would cost me about 1500 PESOS- thats around 32 US Dollars!

But then again seeing the results, and the work that my stylist did, I’m quite amazed. I really got my money’s worth
Anyway, the result was nothing short of amazing and I’m glad my hubby encouraged me because daymm I look like a huge mess prior to this!

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the 21 day sugarless lifestyle

After almost 4 weeks of freeing myself from sugar, save the one last sunday when i had a berry smoothie and brownie, here are the immense changes Ive experienced
– Clothes are way loose now
– No afternoon sluggish feeling
– Faster run with stronger endurance

Is giving up sugar worth it?
You betcha.
It’s so worth the battle that not only does it saved us money, it helped me to improve my life in general.

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Achievement unlocked

More like claimed at the Philippine consulate!

Finally I got my beautiful name changed!! 


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Ribs was relatively easy to cook actually! Thanks to my mother in law’s gift of a small oven toaster, cooking is such a breeze!

So this happened last sunday. I have to say my home made bbq rub is way tastier than this Trader Joe’s BBQ rub.

There’s an existing BBQ premixed pack at TJ’s but I didn’t want it because it was packed with sugar.


The meat melts well in The Brown Basmati rice and plain green beans


And lasted until yesterday.

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3.35 kilometers wait what?!


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The need to disconnect

wp-image-1298266542png.png Apart from our daily gym adventures, me ang my asawa made it a point to sashay around the block during lunchbreak. And it hit me when he blurted out that I need to disconnect. To embrace  our daily activity sans my phone.

That incessant notification from my mobile device has been such a disadvantage. And what shame to always be in autopilot even when I don’t have any message on my phone. Technology has been instrumental in monitoring our health and fitness, and the need to connect with my lovedones in the philippines, yet the caveat is I tend to forget that sometimes I need to tone it down because I have a loving asawa to take care of.


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