24 lemonades out of 100: my lower back says thank you

Sunday morning whata lovely gentle exercise with jessica smith tv. This is what my back seriously needs. Wow.

I’ve been doing a bunch of her yoga sculpt exercises to avoid straining my back and to further strengthen my core. So far it’s nothing short of amazing really.

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Remind me not to make this again


This is the toughest one that I had to chug down. It was disgusting and when I burped i tasted the nastiness of it all.

The base of this gross concoction is red cabbage. At the first sip I had to blend in a med size avocado to make it a little creamy because it is that nasty.

There is also chia seeds and half a scoop of whey protein that Im just trying to finish.

Never again with red cabbage as juice. Its just too terrible

Update: despite the sordid taste, I can really feel how good it FEELS that at 2.50pm, I DO NOT FEEL Sleepy, not am I yawning at all. Incredible. Maybe I’d consider mixing other stuff with this, or maybe over all just inhaling a nice smoothie does absolute wonders for lunch.

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Hemp for the first time

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Lesson learned today: get a smaller avocado next time

Breakfast smoothie today was a big ass ripe avocado with a cup of baby spinach and blueberries. Ninja had a little trouble blending it for several reasons

1. Not enough liquid (sorry machine)

2. Shouldve chosen the smaller cup for this. 

Anyway, the output was still a beautiful creamy dream of REAL avocado and greens. You cant compete that in thosr overly sweetened ones bought at a boba shop for about 4-5 bucks a pop. What a beautiful meal

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23 of 100 lemonades out of lemons: this nutrininja auto iq is seriously the best smoothie ever.

my mind is racing with ideas for my green drink! I can’t keep up with it! i need to first focus on two greens and then pair it with berries. This one I made yesterday was so creamy with coconut milk it blew my mind. Even though my husband was pretty much grossed by it:

Simple ingredients:

Baby spinach


Coconut milk


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Woow im smoothie-ing mylife again

This is surprisingly pleasant! I hate to compare but its so weird it tasted like creamy matcha ice cream! 

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22 of 100 – a beautiful birthday weather and 1000 squats after


Yesterday  I turned the gargantuan 34 and I embrace it and it was spent lovingly with my adorable husband.

It’s my second year as a married woman and during the wonderful dinner overlooking the  beautiful ocean we talked about how far we’ve come and how amazing life truly is now that we’re together. I can’t really fathom the thought not being married to this perfect specimen who is so patient with all my craziness. And what made it even sweeter was the weather was so nice, despite the forecast of rains.


1000 squats  was done this morning and that was the icing of everything

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